Touching Brimstone

NaNoWriMo 06

Touching Brimstone: NaNoWriMo 2006
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My attempt at National Novel-Writing Month '06.

Sophie Lécuyer is many things: a corporate lawyer, a French-American immigrant, a good Catholic. When her beloved older brother, a hardened international arms dealer, is killed as a result of his illegal activity, it is that last facet of her personality that leads Sophie to become firmly convinced that his soul has been damned. This unshakeable belief calls everything else she's been taught into question. Are those in Hell truly cut off from the souls of those who have been saved? Are those in Heaven truly seperated for all eternity from their loved ones who, in life, strayed too far from the path? And the most disturbing question of all: Is Heaven really worth it after all?
books, catholicism, father alexei karol, gabriel gautier lécuyer, heaven, hell, literary fiction, nanowrimo, national novel-writing month, november, organized crime, purgatory, reading, religion, sophie rébecca lécuyer, spirituality, writing